Unfortunately, we have received repeated calls from people complaining of incessant and even belligerent telemarketing by a company identifying itself as CSS Solar.  These calls are not coming from us.   California Sun Systems Inc. (CSS Solar) does not do any telemarketing.  We hate it as much at you do.  Sadly someone out there is trying to trade on our reputation, or trying to sully it.   You can help us put a stop to it.
If you have been a victim of unwanted solicitations from a company identifying itself as CSS Solar they are lying to you.   CSS Solar is a registered trademark of California Sun Systems Inc.   We have been in business for 12 years without a single customer complaint.   We would like to find whoever is abusing our good name and put a stop to it.   If you are interested in helping us,  you can do us a favor by asking anyone who claims to be working for “CSS Solar” to provide you with a business card,  or make an appointment and take a picture of whoever shows up.   Then give us a call and let us know, or email us at the address below, or take it to the police.  Whatever works best.    We want to put an end to this harassment even more than you do, after all, it’s our reputation they’re trashing.
California Sun Systems Inc.

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