Declare Energy Independence

Solar-homeImagine running your air-conditioning, computers, TVs, microwave, refrigerator, and every other electrical appliance in your home (and maybe your car!) on nothing but sunlight.  That’s what going solar means.

California Sun Systems makes it easy.  Request a free site evaluation. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need to make a smart decision.  Ask us about HERO Program financing, or other options with rates as low as 2.99%.  We handle everything: design, permitting, installation, and all the paperwork in between–all for one low price.   And because we train our own installation teams and never sub-contract our labor, we offer an industry leading 15 year workmanship warranty and  guarantee both the price and your satisfaction.  With California Sun Systems there won’t be any surprise “extras”   What we quote is what you’ll pay.  Guaranteed.  That’s how we spread our reputation for excellence with every installation.

SolarHomeDiagramWant to learn more?  Get a free solar evaluation.  It’s easy.  Complete our simple online request form. Find out what a solar energy system is worth to you. Don’t worry, our sales representatives are courteous, knowledgeable and always “no pressure”.

How Does Going Solar Save You Money?

A typical residential solar power system remains connected to your utility company’s electrical grid, or  “grid-tied”.   That means no matter what size system you install, you’ll have all the electricity you need, day or night.  Whatever you don’t generate from the sun will be supplied by the power company.

SPIN-IT-BACKWARDWhen you generate a surplus, your meter spins backward and credits your account.  At the end of the month you pay only for the net amount of energy used.  It’s called “net-metering” and results in big savings, keeping you out of the high usage, high cost rate tiers.

Your new solar energy system will start paying off the moment the sun comes up.  And with ever rising energy costs, in just a few short years it will pay for itself in savings, then go on to provide decades of free, renewable energy.  Research shows that going solar is a smart home improvement, adding $5,000 in property value for every 1 KW of installed solar–yet won’t increase your property taxes. You can download and read the report here.


Go solar today.  Take advantage of limited time only government rebates and tax credits.  Contact us for more information, including financing and solar lease options.  We’re here to help.

Encino, Ca

chatThey (California Sun Systems Inc.) were the 5th company that we interviewed. I as a retired CPA with a computer was able to do a lot of research and financial analysis. They speced a good system at a fair price. The installation crew was as professional as I`ve ever had the pleasure to watch. Fair price, good work, and on time to boot!”

P.B. Encino, CA


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