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Low cost.  High quality.  Exceptional service.  That’s how we built our reputation for excellence, one installation at a time.  Request your free solar evaluation today.   Put the sun to work for you.

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How Does Going Solar Save Me Money?

A typical grid-tied residential solar power system remains connected to your utility company’s electrical grid.   That means no matter what size solar power system you install, you’ll have all the electricity you need, day or night.  Whatever you don’t generate from the sun will be supplied by the power company,  and  at the end of the month you pay only for the net amount of energy used.   Net-metering results in big savings on your electric bill.

Your new solar energy system starts paying off the moment the sun comes up.  Home solar power systems pay for themselves in a few short years and go on to provide decades of free, renewable energy.  Research shows that going solar is a smart home improvement, increasing property value without increasing property taxes.  Download the solar homes report here.

Go solar today.  Take advantage of rebates and tax credits before they are gone.  Contact CSS Solar for more information.  We’re here to help.

Encino, Ca

chat“They (California Sun Systems Inc.) were the 5th company that we interviewed. I as a retired CPA with a computer was able to do a lot of research and financial analysis. They speced a good system at a fair price. The installation crew was as professional as I`ve ever had the pleasure to watch. Fair price, good work, and on time to boot!”

P.B. Encino, CA

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