Incentives & Financing

30% Federal tax credit.  Easy financing.  Now is the time to go solar.

calculatorA solar energy system will pay for itself in energy cost savings in just a few years, but to help reduce the up front costs Uncle Sam is pitching in with a whopping 30% federal tax credit  (cash rebates are also available to LADWP customers while they last).  Why lease when you can own?  Financing is easy, with interest rates as low as 2.99%.  And savings on your electric bill start from day one.   CSS Solar will provide you with a detailed  analysis showing the true cost and benefits of going solar.  We explain in clear, easy to understand terms exactly how solar will reduce your electric bill, and by how much, as well as its impact on property value, how rebates, tax credits and financing affect the cost, and what you can expect to save over the life of the system.

We make sure you have all the credible, reliable information you need to go solar with confidence.  Now is the time.  Rebates are already gone in many areas and the tax credit is set to expire soon.   Contact us today for your FREE  analysis.   Put the sun to work for you.

CSS Solar is a PACE program registered contractor.

The PACE financing program provides homeowners a unique opportunity to make home energy improvements through property tax financing. Benefits include 5-20 year terms, tax-deductible interest, transferability when the property is sold and consumer protection.








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