Cannabis Solar Solutions

Ready to Grow?  Go Solar.

Utility bills for marijuana (cannabis) cultivators and manufacturers can range from $3,000 to $100,000 per month. 1

States such as California will require the use of renewable energy as part of the permitting process.

Energy costs aren’t going down.


Solution?  Beat your electric bill with a reliable, cost effective solar electric system from CSS Solar.

Solar energy for cannabis cultivation is the perfect solution to meeting the challenge of high energy costs, and the new California state cannabis cultivation renewable energy requirements.

Growing solar buds with a CSS Solar system is the eco-friendly way to lower your electric bill and shrink the carbon footprint of your cannabis product.   Grow Green. Go Solar.

Contact CSS Solar today for a Cannabis Solar Solutions analysis of your current, or future, grow.   How and when you use power affects your bottom line.  Do something about it.  Learn ways to optimize your business operations to benefit from your utility’s specific rate schedule.   Minimize your production costs through efficiency and the smart use of solar power.  Call us.  We’ll make it easy.

CSS Solar offers innovative financing options for qualified businesses.  Ask our representative for details.


Proportion of Energy Use by Indoor Cannabis Cultivation: 1

Cannabis Energy Use Pie Chart

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